Have you ever wondered where God is in your everyday life?
Have you ever wondered if your life is “good enough?”
Have you ever wondered if God is speaking to you, or if it’s just a voice in your head?

Then you’re in great company.

Many of us look for, pray for and hope for tangible signs of God’s presence in our lives.  While we might hope for obvious “lightening bolt” moments (and sometimes those happen!), more often, the gift of God’s presence can be seen in the everyday, mundane, quiet events and moments of our lives. Our God is not distant, but is present and intimate – and is found in the everyday lives we live.

I hope this blog might be a place where we share something of where we find God in everyday life, and to provide “snapshots” of everyday grace at St. Dominic Catholic Parish.

So what can I tell you about me? I’m a wife, and a mom of three (two young adults and one preschooler – and yes, that’s very fun). I’m the oldest of three children, and the only daughter. I grew up in a bedroom community of Philadelphia, and moved to Wisconsin to attend college. I was raised Lutheran, and knew I wanted to be Catholic at age 5. 15 years later, I made the leap into Catholicism, and it’s been a wild journey ever since that has taken me to places I never expected – including St. Dominic’s, where I’ve served as the Pastoral Associate since 2001. I love to cook and I can’t bear to be separated from email or my smart phone. I love traveling, and have visited 41 states and 4 continents (my favorite places – Rome, Kenya and Ecuador). I’m afraid of water and can’t swim, which is hilarious, considering my husband loves scuba diving. I count my mom and dad among those who inspire me most.

Blog administrator reserves the right to select which posts and comments to publish.  Opinions shared on this blog are those of the writers, and are not endorsed by
St. Dominic Catholic Parish, Brookfield, Wisconsin.


2 Responses to About

  1. optimisticgladness says:

    I tried to comment on your story, ” She yelled and called me names” but was unable to, so I’m putting my comments here.
    Beautiful story. I had a similar experience, only on the phone. I had a telemarketer call me. She was really pushy. I told her, “No, I’m not interested” several times, but she kept blasting through my statements. Then, out of the blue I said, “Do you like your job?” There was silence. Then she reluctantly said, “No. I have a son that I am trying to put through college and I have to work to help pay the bills.” We talked for a few more minutes. Then I asked her if I could pray for her. I said a brief prayer with her over the phone and asked God to help her be a great mom and meet all of her needs. I hung up the phone and cried for this woman. At the beginning of my interaction with this woman, I was annoyed and frustrated, at the end, I was full of empathy and love. Thank you very much for sharing your heartfelt story with us!

  2. I too was unable to comment on that post, but also wanted to say thank you for it! Coincidentally, just last week I wrote something very similar: http://eleanorestrong.com/handle-a-difficult-person/ Praying to see difficult people as God sees them is an incredibly helpful technique!

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