Happy Anniversary, Father Brad!


Sunday marks the one-year anniversary of Father Brad’s ordination to priestly ministry.

We celebrated with coffee and treats this morning in the office, and proclaimed him no longer a “baby priest,” but now a “toddler priest.”  Father Dave mentioned that the second year of priesthood is one of the best:  In the first year, you’re still getting used to everything, and everything is new.  The second year is one’s own as a priest.  The second half of the third year is spent transitioning to your next assignment, and celebrating the “lasts.”  And after that, it only gets busier.


So here’s to a great priest, a great associate pastor, and a great first year!  We’ve been blessed by Father Brad’s ministry, and ask God’s blessings on him in the year to come!


p.s.  If you see him this weekend at Mass, wish him a happy anniversary!

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One Response to Happy Anniversary, Father Brad!

  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you Lord for Fr. Brad! With all your many gifts, it seems you have touched our lives for much, much longer. Enjoy your day!
    Happy Anniversary!

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