Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, especially my dear mom!  That’s her, with me, when I was about a year old.  I still have the rocking chair in my living room.

I’m praying, in a special way today, for all those mothers who have lost children, and those who deeply wish to be mothers, knowing that today is also a painful day for some.

A prayer for your contemplation, from Father James Martin, SJ:

Try to imagine all the things that your mother and father did when you were an infant, and then a toddler, and then a young child, and which you cannot remember because you were so young, and which you may never discover, which even they may have forgotten about.  Perhaps you will never know all the things they did for you — the changed diapers, the sleepless nights, the dried tears, the hidden sacrifices, the pats on the back, the years of  worry — until you are a parent, until you are older, until you are united in heaven.  Imagine all these things, and then be grateful.  To your mother, to your faith, or whomever ever raised you.  And then to God.


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  1. Mary Holtermann says:

    Fr. Martin is so wise -and he writes great books!

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