And the Grand Total is…..

$38, 402.12


One of my favorite times, every year, is our Lenten Outreach Project.  Each year, we partner with another parish or organization who can teach us about life and faith, and whom we hope to provide some support.  This year, we partnered with one of my favorite parishes in Milwaukee — St. Michael — in the heart of the city.  Throughout its long history, St. Michael’s has been a place of refuge for those arriving to the United States, seeking a better life. 

I came before the parish just before Ash Wednesday to ask for $21,000 to assist St. Michael’s in their ministry of caring for 35 Burmese refugee families, newly arrived from refugee camps in Thailand.

As always, the outpouring of love and care of this parish community overwhelms us.  No matter the circumstances, your always respond when we ask — and then some — reinforcing to me the incredible faith and spirit of our parishioners.  God has blessed us so abundantly!

p.s. Thanks to my friends who made their First Holy Communion this weekend who helped us present the money to St. Michael’s — Cecelia, Katherine, Matthew, Katie, Anna, Alex, Craig, Grace, Jimmy and Josh.  And happy birthday to Grace and Josh, who both received their First Eucharist on their birthdays!

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2 Responses to And the Grand Total is…..

  1. J. Michael Steinhardt says:

    I agree! The presentation at the 7:30 a.m. Mass of the check (bigger than the Communicant) to the representatives of St. Michael’s was moving. And connected with First Communion at St. Dom’s that weekend, it was special. I keep thinking that one of these years we might not meet our goals with regard to projects like this, but it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. A great string of successes! Kudos also to those who organize and coordinate projects like this.

  2. Kathie Beuscher says:

    Glad to see the traditions continue. Good work St. Dom’s

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