Father Dave

Dear Father Dave,

We hope you’re having a great time in Vietnam and China!  We want you to know that all is well.  While you’ve been gone, we DID have a staff meeting this morning, and here’s the proof:


While you’ve been gone, we want you to know we’ve been working very hard!  We’ve had poor Barb (Schenauer) on her knees:


and Amy (Whittenberger) has been keeping the administrative side humming along:


While you’ve been gone, we’ve been praying.  A LOT.


We haven’t made any extravagant purchases.  (Wait, Karen, we haven’t, have we?  …  Karen reports that no, we have not).


We’re all still speaking to one another.


The parish members still seem pretty happy!


And we’re happy to report that the rectory is still standing.  (Father Brad just has to take down the “For Sale” and  “Open House” signs). 


We hope you’re having a great time!  We miss you!  See you soon!

p.s.  About that message on your voicemail….we can explain.

p.p.s.  Note to everyone else:  When Father Dave asks how things went while he was gone, the appropriate answer is, “Fine!  Just fine!  Great, in fact!”

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  1. Deb Olla says:

    Love it

    Debbie Olla
    Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministry
    St. Dominic Parish
    18255 West Capitol Drive
    Brookfield, WI 53045
    262-781-3480 ext 252

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