Off to Vietnam!

DaveTouristOn Saturday, Father Dave is departing for a pilgrimage to Vietnam and China.  A number of years ago, he spent some time on sabbatical in Rome with other priests.  Since then, the group has reunited every year, with each taking a turn hosting the rest of the group.  This year, twelve of the group are traveling on pilgrimage to Vietnam, where one of the priests if from.  They’re also taking a side trip to China (where he is not allowed to wear a Roman collar).  It’s been interesting to hear Father Dave talk about his trip.  Not only do they have the lengthy trips to and from Vietnam, but five interior flights within the area. In some areas, the temperatures will be in the mid- to upper-80s, and in other areas, in the 40s.  He and I were joking this afternoon about how to pack lightly when you don’t know what you’ll need!  (My advice was layers.  Lots of layers).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

So, while Father Dave is gone, who’s in charge of the place?  Father Brad.

When will Father Dave be back?  I believe he’s due back to the office on May 2nd.

Who’s celebrating Mass while Father Dave is gone?  Classified information.  Very classified.  Just kidding.  We have several help-out priests coming (all of whom are terrific!), and on one particular weekend, let’s just say we’ll be seeing A LOT of Father Brad.

Will there be staff meetings while Father Dave is gone?  Yup. We might even take pictures to prove it to him.

Who gets Father Dave’s parking spot while he’s gone?  Whomever Father Brad likes best.  (Note to self: bring in Father Brad’s favorite foods….we were just talking about legs of lamb this morning…).

But, in all seriousness, please pray for Father Dave, as well as his companions, on their pilgrimage.  Please pray for safe travel and good health for all of them, for a time of rest, and that they may seek and find God’s presence abundantly in all those whom they meet, and in all they encounter.  We look forward to his safe return!

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  1. Have a safe trip, Father Dave! Paul and Kathy Noran

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