God Finding Us

sign from God

Like a lot of people, sometimes I wish God would send me big, huge, unmistakable signs.  There are occasions where I want (and think I need, for that matter) an electronic billboard sign from God, one that says, “do this,” or “don’t do that” or even more, “everything will be okay.”

That’s happened to me once, and only once, in my entire life.  And that’s a story for another time.  The rest of time time, I pray….and pray….and pray….and remember: God can be found in my everyday life.

Note to self:

Don’t forget to look.

Don’t forget to listen.

It’s all about paying attention.

This past week, I found myself praying for a lot of really hurting people, struggling people I know.  I found myself wishing that I could lighten their burden somehow, and praying that they would find God in the midst of their struggles.  And it was in praying for them that I found God so clearly this past week — in the faith of someone who is struggling with serious illness, in the faith of a friend who is searching for a job, in the faith of a family facing financial uncertainty, in the faith of a family facing death, in the faith of parents who would do anything for their child.  The faith of these very dear people inspires me.

One of the many blessings of being part of a parish community: we are prophets for one another.  We point the way for each other when things get difficult.  We remind each other that God is here.  We encourage each other to remember what’s important.  It’s never a question of whether God is present, but more of how God is present.

So, here’s something to think about:

If you’re looking for God, God will find you.

Even when (and especially when) it doesn’t feel that way.

And when it seems like you’re having trouble finding God, tell someone else whose faith inspires you. 

They might just be the billboard you were hoping for.

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One Response to God Finding Us

  1. Dan Herda says:

    Thanks for your inspirational words. I read this right after I received an email from a great friend who’s mother is in the hospital and in rough shape.

    This is a sign for me that God is with her and her family.

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