Cardboard Stories

A friend of mine passed this along to me, and I’ve been thinking about it since Holy Saturday.

Easter is the story of how tragedy moved to triumph.  Each of us, in our own lives, have stories of how God has rewritten our own stories of failure, sadness and tragedy to hope and triumph.

What is your cardboard story?  How has God helped you flip over the cardboard?

I can think of several in my life:

I’ve had more epic failures than I ever care to admit.

God’s forgiveness and mercy have always been greater than my failures.

There have been times in my life when I have struggled mightly to know why things happened the way they did, and wondered where God was and why they happened to me.

God always answered my prayers.  The answers sometimes came in forms I didn’t recognize at the time, but they were there.

What is your cardboard story?  I’m hoping some of you might be comfortable enough to share your cardboard story in a comment below.  If you want to be anonymous, would you be willing to email it to me? My email is

One of the greatest joys in my life is being able to share in the stories of those around me.  I cannot begin to describe how you inspire me and help me grow in faith, and in finding grace in my everyday life.

If you’re still on one side of the cardboard, please know you’re in my prayers as you ask God to help you rewrite your story.

Happy Easter, dear friends!

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