Heroes Among Us


One of the great things about this parish, and about working here, is that I’m surrounded by people who inspire me every day.  Lots of people at St. Dominic’s look like ordinary people on the outside, but here’s a secret — they’re superheroes on the inside. 

Here’s who inspires and challenges me this week:  8-year-old Jimmy, who is a second grader in our school.  Jimmy will be receiving First Eucharist in a few weeks.

Jimmy celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago.  For his birthday, he asked that his friends and birthday party guests make a donation to our Lenten Outreach Project partner, St. Michael Parish in Milwaukee.  This Lent, we’re helping 35 Burmese refugee families who have resettled in Milwaukee, and have so very little.  For his birthday, Jimmy received $465 to help the children of these families.

Jimmy is truly a sign to us of God’s presence in the world…everyday grace, embodied in an adorable 8-year-old!

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One Response to Heroes Among Us

  1. Andy O. says:

    Way to go Jimmy! Such generousity and compassion for those less fortunate are a witness to Jesus in your heart. God Bless you!

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