Guest Blogger: Seminarian Michael Thiel

ThielBy now, I hope you’ve met our Teaching Parish Seminarian, Michael Thiel — if you haven’t seen him at Mass or around for a number of events.  You might have read about Michael in the bulletin — he’s a seminarian for the Diocese of Green Bay, and will be with us at St. Dominic’s for the next four years.  This year, his time with us is primarily focused on shadowing our priests, getting to know people and the St. Dominic Community, and being involved in liturgical ministries.  When you see him at Mass, he’s usually serving as the “Master of Ceremonies,” a lector, or a Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist.  Michael’s also been spending a lot of time this year teaching in the day school.

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It’s a grace for me to be part of Michael’s Teaching Parish Committee.  The TPC is made up of Michael, four couples from the parish, and me, as the staff representative.  We meet with Michael every month to discuss what he’s been doing, how he’s progressing in his semester goals, and where he gets challenged and finds he needs to grow (often referred to in formational language as “growing edges).

We met on Wednesday night, and spent the first 45 minutes of our meeting in a lively discussion of our memories of the papal election on Wednesday, and our initial thoughts and impressions of our new Holy Father.  Michael led us in evening vespers, which is the communal evening prayer of the Church, and as part of it, shared a reflection about Pope Francis.  We really enjoyed it.

You might not know that Michael has a blog, on which he posts stories and reflections.  He added his reflection about Pope Francis to his blog, and gave me permission to share it with you.

And while you’re there, check out the rest of his reflections, most especially the “Celibacy Song,” which still makes me laugh!  It gives you a taste of his sense of humor!

Happy Weekend!

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