In the Beginning

ImageAt the end of every day, I try to spend a few moments reflecting on my day.  It’s a great time to look back over my day, and think about where I found God, recognizing the moments of joy, where I need to ask forgiveness of others, how God offered love to me even when things didn’t turn out as expected. 

I’m often best at “finding God” in the moments of joy and peace.  Last night, my three-year-old had me up several times during the night because of “monster fears.”  It took me a while to settle him down each time.  While I wasn’t feeling particularly thankful today for the lack of sleep, it was a joy, even in the middle of the night, to sit and rock a sleepy preschooler.  I try to remember, each day, that he will never be as small as he is today, and he’ll never need me as much as he does now.  In those wee hours, I thought about how, perhaps, this is how God feels about me.  Sometimes we’re best at finding God when we are really present in the moment.  Think back on your day — where did you find God?

Prayer doesn’t happen just when we’re sitting still (although I’m all for sitting-still prayer as well).  Sometimes, prayer happens in the sheer moment of loving someone else — and then we’re reminded of how much we’re loved by God.

So how do you know when you’ve found God?  For me, sometimes it’s becoming aware of God in a particular moment, or as I reflect later on in the day.  Sometimes, we find God in the moments that remind us of what is important or needed.  Sometimes we find God in the moments that move us to gratitude for the gifts we’ve received.  Sometimes, we find God in the  moments of sadness, as hard as they may be, where we sense God is with us.

This Lent, try to find a few moments at the end of your day.  Think about, pray about where you encountered God today. 

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